Azul Fives: A Family Friendly Gourmet Inclusive Adventure

The Rooms

Azul Fives is a memorable resort but in order to make your experience unforgettable, stay in the rooftop suite. If just the prospect of having your own, private rooftop doesn’t appeal to you, maybe the hot tub and breathtaking view of the ocean will! When I stayed in this suite, I spent nearly a full day tanning, swimming, reading, relaxing, and enjoying room service all in the comfort of my own roof. This suite is heaven on Earth if the pool and beach are too crowded for your taste. I have very small siblings but the rooftop wasn’t a problem because there are raised walls with a glass protector to ensure the safety of every guest. If you are planning on booking a suite that is perfect for relaxation and privacy, the Azul Fives Rooftop Suite is the one for you! 

Azul Fives 022

Azul Fives 023

Azul Fives 024

The Dining

Azul Fives offers a wide variety of cultural dining experiences. You can spend a night in Italy, Thailand, or my favorite, Japan. At OKA Sushi Bar, the moment you walk into the door your senses are filled with the traditional art of sushi and fresh cuisine. Before you are seated, make your way to the sushi bar that allows you to sample some of the options for evening. When looking for the freshest sushi rolls in Cancun, stop by OKA Sushi Bar.

oka sushi


If you’re wanting a very relaxing time at Azul Fives, head over to the pool or the rooftop suites. But, if you’re in the mood for a thrilling experience, parasailing is the way to go! Being suspended 500 feet in the air over Cancun’s crystal clear water is enough to take anyone’s breath away. The friendly staff ensure you that your experience will be safe and exhilarating. Parasailing alone or with friends makes memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to experience a beautiful resort and beach than to have a bird’s eye view of it?


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